Services To Landlords - Currently only seeking 1 & 2 bed flats

How It Works:

Step 1

An appointment is arranged to visit the property and once we have been shown around, we make an offer to rent the property directly from the landlord or agent. The Landlord will sign a 3-5 Lease with Perfect Move Lettings Limited.

Step 2

If required (Subject to Our Vetting and Requirements), we will fix, refurbish and repair your property at the cost of the Perfect Move Lettings Limited.

Step 3

We will send in our design team who will add specific special touches to the property making it appeal to our tenants.

Step 4

Any maintenance required is organised by Perfect Move Lettings Limited on behalf of the Landlord / Property Owner at the cost of Perfect Move Lettings Limited.

Step 5

Relax and enjoy a hassle free life and let Perfect Move Lettings Limited manage the property for the duration of the term.


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